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X-Tron: The Digital Marketplace for Export Finance

Are you looking for financing?

Finding suitable banks for buyer credits and confirmed LCs isn’t always easy, whether you are looking to finance your imports or are helping your buyer find inexpensive financing. This applies especially to shipments to emerging and developing countries.

Our large selection of international banks ensures that you can find inexpensive financing even for difficult markets.

Would you like to simplify your search for financing?

Time is money. E-Mails and telephone calls lead to long communication chains and appointment coordination between you and your (core) banks.

What if you could forego this tedious back and forth and also save time by being able to control and analyze your financing all in one place?

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    Your Benefits at a Glance

    When it comes to efficiency, digital platforms are unrivaled. This is why we have built X-Tron, a fully automated digital marketplace. It simplifies the process of finding and analysing financing offers.

    Both experienced buyers and suppliers can make financing requests.

    The marketplace was developed in close co-operation with a dozen reputable German machine and plant manufacturers. Particular emphasis was put on the security of our infrastructure.

    Multi-Bank System

    Your financing request can reach all banks in our network at once, including your core banks. Besides, the marketplace is bank-independent.

    Efficient Communication

    All communication can take place digitally. Thus, companies and banks can work independently and without the need to coordinate.

    Financing Insights

    Evaluations of all financing requests and offers are available anytime and in one place. Ideal for your compliance.

    Modern Teamwork

    Your team can work independently of time and location and can track all current operations. Ideal for teams that work from different locations.

    Fixed Prices

    For buyers, all requests are free of charge. Suppliers pay a small fee per request, independently of order value and without running costs.

    Multi-ECA Coverage

    Goods and services can be sourced, financed and covered from around the world (e.g. Euler-Hermes, UKEF, SACE, KEXIM).

    Full speed ahead with X-Tron.

    Discover the marketplace that works for you. No obligations and free for buyers.

    Buyer Credits

    From an order value of 3 million Euro.

    Confirmed LCs

    From an order value of 50,000 Euro.


    Your Digital Partner: How it Works

    We take export finance to the next level. All processes, from the request to the bank offer, are fully automated on X-Tron. It allows for time- and location-independent work, which reduces your time spent looking for financing to a minimum. This enables a smooth financing process.

    The marketplace assists you around the clock with an intuitive interface that helps you to quickly make a request and compare the offers your receive from banks. Moreover, it provides you with a detailed overview of your financing history.

    The company (buyer or supplier) enters the details of its request and sets a deadline for banks to submit their offer.


    The company chooses which of its (core) banks will receive its request. It can even specify which bank employees will receive the request.


    All chosen banks immediately receive the request and can create an offer via X-Tron directly.


    After the deadline has passed, the company can quickly evaluate the offers it received with the integrated offer comparison feature. It can choose up to two bank offers.


    All details of requests made and offers received via X-Tron are available to your team at all times. They are presented in a detailed and informative overview.


    Discover X-Tron

    Gain a quick insight into the marketplace and ask your questions.

    Independent Consultation

    If you are looking for professional consultation regarding your export financing, you are in good hands with our consultation partner ACE Financial Engineering. Our partner has longstanding expertise in structuring imports and exports in many different industry sectors. They take on everthing from simple to highly complex transactions.

    Strong Partners for Strong Businesses

    Euler Hermes

    State export credit guarantees protect exporters against bad debts. In many cases, they enable the necessary sales financing of an export business.


    The Federal Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises is the largest business association in Germany.


    Coface is a major credit insurer and partner in corporate risk management.

    Quotes from German Exporters


    There is no need to install any software. X-Tron runs exclusively on our servers in Germany and can be accessed via any browser.

    Furthermore, the marketplace was developed in close co-operation with experienced exporters. Thus, we were able to design our interfaces to be intuitive and easy to access. This means that you and your team will only require minimal time to use X-Tron for the first time.

    There are no registration fees and no running costs.

    For buyers and SMEs, the use of X-Tron is entirely free of charge.

    Suppliers pay a small fee per request (99 Euro for a confirmed LC and 249 Euro for a buyer credit). The first request is free of charge.

    Banks only pay a fee if their financing offer was selected by the requesting company. This fee is calculated based on several factors. It amounts to between 0.01% and 0.1% of the financing volume for non-binding offers.

    You can find all details regarding our fees here.

    Yes. Each time you make a request, you can choose which (core) banks will receive your request. Moreover, for each bank, you may specify which bank employees will receive it. This gives you full control over who sees your request.

    In addition to other security measures, bank employees that receive your request have to agree to our strict Terms and Conditions. Read more about data privacy and security here.

    Our focus lies on co-operation with experienced and well-connected banks.

    We work with over 45 banks internationally. Of these, roughly a third are based in Germany, a third in Western Europe and the remaining third in the rest of the world.

    We are an independent family business that is supported by an experienced board of advisors. It consists of members that bring along long-term experience in the export sector, banking, logistics and macro-economics.

    You can find out more about us here.

    We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Send us an e-mail to info@x-tron.tech or call us under +49 30 920 385 41 36. 

    Alternatively, we invite you to join us at one of our 20-minute webinars that we hold every Friday. It will allow you to gain a quick insight into the features and benefits of X-Tron.