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Buyer credits and confirmed LOCs

X-Tron brokers export financing offers. Our digital marketplace allows companies to quickly find bank offers for buyer credits and confirmed letters of credit.

Make a non-binding request, compare offers from banks and choose the right offer for you.

Click here for a practical example (in German) of a buyer credit request.

More time for customers

When you request a financing offer on our marketplace, your request reaches all banks in your network. As a result, you will have more time for your suppliers, trade partners and banks.

Moreover, X-Tron simplifies the request process with easy-to-use templates and a clear comparison chart for bank offers.

Easy access to FX financing

X-Tron can help you to quickly find European banks. These can offer long-term foreign currency financing of your imports, mainly from Western European companies. Moreove, you can tender your projects internationally via X-Tron.

Textilarbeiter bestätigtes Akkreditiv in Schwellenländer

Make your financial department happy

When comparing bank offers, we will automatically provide you with exclusive information about the expertise and presence of your banks in a particular export region.

Additionally, X-Tron supplies you with a detailed overview of all your financing offers and requests from previous years. This will help you to be better prepared for talks with your banks.

Clear prices and more attractive conditions

For importers, X-Tron is free of charge. (excluding VAT)

Banks, on the other hand, pay 0.036% of the LOC or 0.049% of the Buyer Credit amount once an offer has been accepted.

Find the right financing offer now. Non-binding. Free of charge the first time around.

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From request to financing offer

Quotes from exporters

How are exporters reacting to Covid-19?

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tackle new markets and distribution channels

Importers have the ability to tender projects on X-Tron internationally and thus reach exporters from German-speaking countries. (since September 2020)

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increasingly make use of digitization

Exporters can quickly find offers for Confirmed Letters of Credit and Buyer Credits online.

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see a risk in financing their exports

You can find financing offers for emerging and developing markets via the marketplace.

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Find the right financing offer now. Non-binding. Free of charge the first time around.

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