About us

X-Tron Made in Germany.

We operate a digital marketplace for trade and export finance. It was built in co-operation with prestigious German machine and plant manufacturers, as well as banks.

We recently added a feature to the marketplace that allows firms to tender their projects internationally.

We want X-Tron to become the digital marketplace that no exporter wants to do without. Our goal is to strengthen exporters from German-speaking countries as well as importers from emerging and developing countries.

Our story.


Nils has visited schools and universities in several countries and has taken away many positive experiences that influenced his worldview. They made him realise how important international contacts are and what international exchange can achieve.

Interest for marketplaces

He was immediately hooked when he first encountered the idea of digital marketplaces during his studies in economics and politics. He was fascinated with the benefit that marketplaces can provide its users through mutual exchange. Thus, he considered which sector was most in need of digital innovation.


An earlier internship at DZ Bank in Germany had drawn his attention to the export finance sector. He realised that export finance had enormous potential for improvement and could be handled much more efficiently with the tools of the 21st century. Once he analysed the market it became clear that there are very few digital products that help German exporters, let alone a marketplace. This seemed astonishing for an export-oriented country like Germany.

First Steps

Once he decided to build a marketplace for exporters, things had to move fast. Even whilst he was completing his masters degree, the first mock-up and prototype were created together with a small team. The time spent was worth it, however, as the first enquiries about the prototype were made by German exporters, including two SDax firms.


Towards the end of his studies, Nils convinced friends and family to support the project financially and founded a limited company, allowing him to build the marketplace professionally with the help of a medium-sized German technology partner. This was an crucial step to ensure that X-Tron stays independent of investors or developers that may not share his vision, values or excitement.

First successes as a start-up

In 2019, Nils and an equally excited friend moved to Munich in order to work full-time on building the marketplace. A first breakthrough was the acceptance into the accelerator program of the LMU Munich, which has previously supported companies such as Flixbus.
A first breakthrough was the acceptance into the accelerator program of the LMU Munich, which has previously supported companies such as Flixbus. On the Bauma, the world-leading convention for construction machines, the team managed to talk to hundreds of firms and was able to collect feedback of more than 40 exporters in the coming weeks. Simultaneously, they succeeded in winning over a dozen firms as development partners, which made it possible to build a product that solves real issues for the industry.

Launch of the marketplace

After many months of preparation, the marketplace was launched at the end of 2019. Every significant process from the initial financing request to the bank offer had been fully digitised. Through the feedback received by exporting firms, we have managed to tailor our features to their needs. Interest in our marketplace by exporters and banks has not subsided despite Covid-19.


Management Team

Nils Brestrich

Co-founder / CEO

Lars Brestrich

Co-founder / Marketing

IT Firm

X-Tron co-operates with an experienced IT firm in Germany with over 35 employees. It specializes in the development of marketplaces and platforms and has built several applications for German medium-sized firms and banks.

The team is composed of several dozens of developers, product and software architects as well as infrastructure experts.

Cooperation partners


Our international team is supported by experienced advisors. They hail from the export finance, software development and economics sectors.

Accelerator of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (April to September 19)
WERK1 Startup X-Tron export finance
Virtual Incubator Werk1, funded by the Baverian ministry of economics (März bis August 19)
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