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X-Tron Made in Germany.

Management and Advisory Board

Nils Brestrich

Co-founder / CEO

M.Sc. History of International Relations. B.Sc. Economics and Politics. Responsible for strategy, sales and development

Lars Brestrich


B.Sc. Creative Computing. Responsible for design, marketing and strategy

Horst Findeisen


 Over 30 years of management experience in thte air transport sector, i.a. at Lufthansa Cargo. Development and management of multinational joint ventures at Star Alliance. Owner of the strategy consultancy Findeisen Consulting.

Prof. Dr. Helmut Bujard


Faculty of economics and law at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. Subject areas economics, monetary policy, European integration and insurance politics.

Bank Manager


Over 25 years of experience in export finance at renowned German banks, 10 years thereof in New York and London. Responsible for a business division with about 100 employees.

IT Partner

X-Tron co-operates with an experienced German IT firm with roughly 50 employees. It specializes in the development of platforms and digital marketplaces and has developed many software applications for companies and banks.

Our Co-operation Partners

ACE Financial Engineering

Our consultancy partner. It is bank-independent and has longstanding expertise in structuring imports and exports in many different industry sectors. They take on everthing from simple to highly complex transactions.

AHK Egypt

The biggest bilateral economic organization in regards to the German-Arabic relationship. More than 2500 companies are members.

AHK Morocco

In many questions regarding the German or Moroccan market, the AHK Marokko is the first address on-site. It has more than 500 company members.


Special Announcement

Successful transaction over 100 million Euros.

Selected Events

Presentation for a programme of the German Economy Ministry

March 23, 2021

Webinar with the German-Moroccan Chamber of Commerce

March 18, 2021 at 11 am CET

Presentation for a programme of the German Economy Ministry

March 8, 2021 at 11 am CET

Workshop with the German-Arab Chamber and the Bank of Cairo

February 2021

Webinar with the German Liason Office for Commerce in Iraq

September 2020

Webinar with the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce

July 2020

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