X-Tron makes it easier to find, compare and analyze export financing.

The more banks you contact via X-Tron, the more you can use the advantages of the marketplace for yourself. No matter whether you want to make your search for financing easier, find cheaper financing or want to get a better overview of your previous financing, you are at the right place.


With just a single request, you can reach all banks in our network, including your core banks. You can decide exactly who will receive your request.

1. More offers for difficult markets, smaller volumes and complex deals

There are many reasons to send your financing request to several banks at once.

For one, having a wider choice of banks increases the likelihood that you will find a bank with the right experience and the right risk appetite. Further, there are countries in which banks struggle for political or economic reasons. In combination with a lack of presence and insufficient experience in these countries, even large banks are sometimes unable to assess their financing risk precisely, which often leads to their offer becoming more expensive.

Complex financing solutions cannot be offered by every bank either, as they have different focuses and expertise. Here, too, reaching out to several banks ensures that you can find a bank with the right expertise.

X-Tron enables you to reach a large number of different banks at the push of a button. Our network includes well over 50 European and international banks. Around a third of these are headquartered in Germany, another third in Europe and the rest in other countries. You also have the option of involving your own core banks so that they too receive your requests.

2. Attractive financing conditions

The more banks you reach, the more likely it is that you will get more attractive offers. Since the financing conditions of your export are included in its total costs, your products thus become more competitive.

3. Full control

With each new request, you can decide exactly which banks will receive it. This means that you can either work exclusively with your core banks, add new banks, or use the entire breadth of our network. You can also determine one or more specific contact persons at your core banks so that only they receive your request.


On X-Tron, all communication can take place digitally and all information can be viewed in one place. This saves you a lot of time when looking for, comparing and evaluating your financing.

1. Make requests quickly

With X-Tron you can create financing requests in minutes. This is made possible by an intuitive and clearly structured request path with many pre-selection fields and little mandatory information. Our request process was created in close coordination with experienced companies and banks.

2. Reach many banks at the push of a button

With X-Tron you can determine exactly which banks should receive your request. When you send your request, the selected bank employees automatically receive an individualized notification from X-Tron and can then view all request details in the system. Depending on the number of contact persons involved, this enables considerable time savings.

3.Compare offers easily

X-Tron has an integrated offer comparison, through which the most suitable offer can be found very easily. All conditions are clearly structured and easily comparable. This is very helpful because banks outside of X-Tron usually send long PDFs and thus the conditions take time to compare. In addition, companies also receive exclusive information via X-Tron, e.g. on the experience and presence of the bank in the country of their client. This can be very important, depending on the export business, but is often not known to companies even with regard to their house banks, e.g. when entering new markets.

You will also receive the bank’s contact details with every offer. This enables you to contact the responsible bank employee personally if you have any questions.

4. Give banks feedback

When companies choose one or two bank offers, these banks are automatically informed. All other providers receive a polite rejection notification.


Evaluations of your previous financing requests and offers are always accessible in one place. This creates a good overview and allows all of your departments to easily evaluate your financing history. In addition, this reduces communication between departments to the essentials.

1. Financing department

With the overview and evaluation of financing requests and offers from the last few months, your company is well prepared for all talks with your banks. For example, you can easily explain to your core banks why you have done more or less business with them this year.

2. Compliance

With X-Tron, your compliance can better understand whether all banks in your network were treated fairly and, for example, received the same information at the same time.

3. Controlling

Your controlling team can use the marketplace to compare offers from your core banks with offers from the market without having to accept them.

4. Sales

The evaluations also help you to better assess and compare your performance in different regions of the world. For example, you can quickly see whether there is a need for optimization or unexploited potential in certain countries by looking at the ratio of offers to actual business deals.


Your team can track all ongoing business regardless of time and location. Ideal for teams that work in different locations.

With X-Tron, you can share relevant information on current deals with the entire team. Thus, it is not a problem if colleagues work in the home office, are on holiday or are absent due to illness.


X-Tron can be used to request financing for deliveries and services from abroad.

When it comes to sourcing supplies and services, the choice is yours. For example, a German company can easily request a buyer credit for deliveries from Denmark or other countries on X-Tron.

With your sourcing details, the banks can offer financing with the appropriate export credit insurance (e.g. UKEF, SACE, Euler-Hermes etc.).


Exporters pay a small flat fee per request, regardless of the order value and without running costs.

Exporters pay between 99 and 249 euros, depending on the request. For importers, the use of the marketplace is completely free.

You can find all details about our fees here.

Full speed ahead with X-Tron.

Discover the marketplace that works for you. No obligations and free for buyers.

Financing Example

Take a look at our financing example to gain a detailed insight into the entire process of X-Tron, from the financing request to the bank offers.

How it works


After signing up, you may create your first financing request. For this purpose, we have prepared intuitive and product specific request forms.

You can set a custom tender period to determine how much time banks will have to send you financing offers. Afterwards, you may choose which banks should receive your request (e.g. only your house banks).

On X-Tron, all financing requests are non-binding and there is no limit for how many offers you may receive.

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You can receive offers from upwards of 40 international banks on X-Tron. At the end of your specified tender period, you can compare all bank offers and get an overview of their conditions as well as other information on each respective bank.

The offers are easy to compare and evaluate in the offer overview. Additionally, you may inspect each offer in detail.


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In the last step, you may decide which offer you will accept on the basis of all the offers you have received. You may choose up to two banks that you want to establish contact with. You are, however, not obligated to accept any of the offers.

Your first request via the marketplace is free of charge. For all subsequent requests, we will send you a bill that you can pay manually (99 Euro for a confirmed letter of credit and 249 Euro for a buyer credit).

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